Conference Dates: March 27 - 29, 2015

Agent Q&A: Courtney Miller-Callihan

Courtney_Miller-Callihan_250Courtney Miller-Callihan began her career in publishing at Random House, where she spent a number of years in subsidiary rights sales and in contracts before joining Sanford J. Greenburger Associates in 2005. A member of the Romance Writers of America, she is seeking new voices in women’s fiction, romance, historical novels, and literary fiction. Courtney also looks for non-fiction projects on unusual topics, science, personal finance, business, pop culture, lifestyle books, and craft … Keep reading

Self-Publishing by Debra Holland

vintage flowersOur guest blogger for this week is Debra Holland, sharing her journey to success. Debra’s latest book, Mail-Order Brides of the West: Darcy, is available today!

Self-Publishing: From Inspiration to Completion

Somewhere around 2009, discouraged by years of publisher rejections, I gave up writing fiction. In spite of three Golden Heart finals (one win) and two agents, my stories didn’t fit the market, mostly because they weren’t sexy.

So I set aside the dream of writing fiction to concentrate on … Keep reading

California Dreamin’ Workshop Preview by Judy Duarte

SoldierOur guest blogger for this week is Judy Duarte, here to share a sneak peek at our upcoming conference’s workshop sessions. Judy’s latest book, The Soldier’s Holiday Homecoming, will be available November 1st!

The 2015 California Dreamin’ Conference Committee is determined to provide workshops that will appeal to a diverse group of attendees—from the beginning writer to the experienced. And since most authors are interested in a variety of publishing formats, we’ll have that information as well.

So far, we have scheduled 60 different workshops and panels … Keep reading

Time Management for Writers by Kitty Bucholtz

There is a lot of talk about self-publishing nowadays. The pros being bandied about include having more control, publishing faster, and potentially making more money. But that’s not what I was thinking when I heard about Kindle Direct Publishing in 2011.

I was thinking – this is the business Ive been waiting for!

Ever since I was a little kid with a Kool-Aid stand, I’ve wanted to own my own business. By the time KDP came along, I’d already had two businesses, both writing-related. But I’d come to dread getting more work each week because … Keep reading

Why Attend a Writer’s Conference?! by Cami Brite

You might wonder why people make such a big deal about writer’s conferences. Why should you attend one if you already know enough about writing to get words on a page? Writers spend a lot of solitary time at the keyboard. Sometimes we need to get out of our heads, and a conference is the perfect place to do that.

IMG_4251This year, I went to the Romance Writers of America national conference in San Antonio. With about 2,000 attendees, it’s a big deal with … Keep reading

Writing Romantic Suspense by Anne Cleeland

Every Monday, we’ll feature a success story from our last conference, or a post by a conference speaker, editor, agent, etc. This week, we’re featuring speaker Anne Cleeland, whose latest book, Murder In Retribution, is out tomorrow!

Love in the Time of Peril: Writing the Romantic Suspense Story

Are you stuck in a sagging middle act, or struggling with an anemic word count? Despair no more; instead, pick a crisis, and try your hand at romantic suspense.

Because the romance is necessarily intertwined with a suspense plot, the story practically writes … Keep reading

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