Conference Dates: March 27 - 29, 2015

Thinking Ahead by HelenKay Dimon

There are times when I pitch a series of connected books to one of my editors. I know going in the plot arc for each book, the characters who will be the hero and heroine in each, and the overriding issues that will be left open from book to book and tied up in that last book in the series.

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What is Conflict? by Susan Meier

81e9Z0mCUoL._SL1500_Just a taste…

At the conference in March, I’ll be talking about using conflict to drive your story. But do you really know what conflict is?

A while back, I went to a workshop wherein the speaker described conflict as two dogs fighting over one bone.

I walked out scratching my head. If the dogs were a male and a … (click to keep reading)

Editors, Agents & Workshops by Debra Mullins

IMG_0588_2Editors and Agents and Workshops, Oh, My!

Time is just flying by, and before you know it, March will be here—and with it, the California Dreamin’ writers conference on March 27-29.

I serve on the conference committee as Editor/Agent Co-Chair with author Beth Yarnall, and we have a great line-up of editors and agents for you … (click to keep reading)

Time Management by Maggie Marr

Capture Your Time and Write The Book!

Hello California Dreamers,

See you in two weeks.  What? I know, I know, it is only the last week of October, but the way time is zipping by, Christmas will be here next week, and the end of March (and the California Dreamin’ Writers Conference) will be here the week after.

Final-HGC_HR-1Time flies. … (click to keep reading)

Writing to Deadline by Christine Ashworth

Writing novels is all fun and games, right up to the time you get a contract and are on deadline for a novel that isn’t complete.

This past August, I was contracted by Boroughs Publishing Group for three novels and a short story in the StarTide series. Only one of these four books was complete. The second in the series was 20% done, and the third is two paragraphs. The … (click to keep reading)

Book in a Week by April Kihlstrom

Palm-3.jpgWriting the first draft of a book in one week.

Sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it? I have to admit, I was dragged into my first Book in a Week challenge kicking and screaming and swearing I couldn’t possibly do it. I thought the idea was crazy! Now I believe in the concept with all my heart—even for people who never want to actually write the … (click to keep reading)

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